Your Problem Our Solution
You have a problem for which you would like a computational analysis. We would be pleased to provide advice by evaluating your particular problem and proposing various computational approaches that would provide the insight you seek. As part of this, we would provide guidance concerning the pros and cons of each approach, so you can make the most informed selection of a computational strategy to meet your particular needs, timeframe and budget. As a matter of course, we would be pleased to offer you a complete realization of the computational analysis for your problem.
You see various commercial and/or open-source software products in the market, but you could hardly, if at all, imagine how such “all-purpose tools” might solve your particular problem. We always offer you individual solutions to suit your needs, no standard solutions. We will be happy to provide advice on what particular analytical tools and methods are most suitable for your needs.
You cannot assess the benefits your project would gain through a carefully conducted computer-aided engineering analysis. We will be pleased to present the options for your problems.
You are not able to support an in-house department for computer-aided engineering, for instance, due to a lack of personnel with the expertise required for solving your problems. We offer you a longer-term relationship to help solve your continuing problems which require computer-aided engineering with highly-qualified AdCo EngineeringGW staff members dedicated to your long-term work.
You would like to further educate your co-workers on computational methods. We offer you seminars discussing the most recent state-of-the-art advances inc omputational methods. We may also provide in-house seminars on request.